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Jackson Station - Museum Exhibit
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The MISSISSIPPI RAILROAD Exhibit at the Ag Museum
Utilizing over 3,000 square feet, volunteers are building an exhibit at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum.  The exhibit tells the story of the rich and important history of railroading as it impacted the development of agriculture and forestry in Mississippi. 

The first large exhibit added to the Museum in twenty years, the Railroad Exhibit completes the Museum's "story" which was originally developed to focus on Water, Rail and Road.


July 2007 Celebrating the Grand Opening of the Railroad Exhibit in 2007.  Work continues on the layout.
August 2006 Construction photos of O gauge and close-up photos of the N scale.
July 2006 The Museum welcomed distinguished visitors to review the work being done on the display. 
May 2006 Work begins on constructing the HO structure.
Dec 2005 Christmas in the Lobby: The completed, lighted Christmas display
Nov 2005 Building the Christmas Display: A ceramic Christmas display for the lobby of the Museum. 
August 2005 Exhibit Preparation: Reviewing the "platform" that held the tractors.
June 2004 Photos of the Ag Museum, shortly after we arrived following our departure from Metrocenter Mall.
The Exhibit will be constructed in Phases and includes model trains in N, HO and O gauge. We encourage you to get on our email list to receive notifications about upcoming events.  Contact Us!  

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