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Jackson Station - Museum Exhibit
c/o Ms Agricultural & Forestry Museum
1150 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39215
Ph. 601-713-3365

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Monday - Saturday
9am to 5pm

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A Brief History & Time Line of Metro Station
JSME has become a Mississippi tradition, with over a decade of holiday displays in area malls. These images paint a colorful tapestry of what will be lifelong childhood memories.

Click here for a Tour by Scale

Metro Station has had thousands of visitors. Here are a few.
Santa tours Metro Station - (12/98)

Summer '00
Work began in earnest to continue the layout refinement and add new features. The disconnected N layout was destroyed and construction began on an 80 foot long, module N display depicting the history Avery Loop located in Jackson, MS.

The HO layout doubled in size with the extension of the layout toward the fron of the room.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale - N Scale
Holiday '99
Amazingly, JSME was able to restore Metro Station to full operation in time for Opening Day.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale - N Scale
Fall '99 (The Big Move)
In August of 1999, news arrived that our space, graciously donated by the Mall, had been leased and we needed to move. In two weeks time, the layouts were dismantled and out of the old space.

The center display was separated into 4 foot sections. In three hours time, with the help of professional movers provided by the Children's Home, the layout was escorted out of the display to the courtyard, hoisted to the second level via a scissor lift, and carried approximately 60 yards for installation in the new location. The trick in the move was that the first items out had to be the last items back in. Construction then began to restore the layout to its original splendor.

The gotchas:
The HO Mountain display could not be moved and was destroyed.
The central display had to be shortened 15 feet.
The O City display became the front"
The N display was separated from the central display and made to stand alone.
An entirely new HO display was constructed.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale - N Scale
Spring '99
Spring brings changes, and the N scale group began construction of their separate layout.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale
Holiday '98
The major expansion for '98 was the construction of a separate HO display running down the side of the layout room.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale - N Scale
Metro Station arrived at Metrocenter Mall in the Summer of '96. The old layouts were torn down and construction started from fresh designs. Model Railroaders are true recyclers. Everything can be used again!!

For Holiday '96, all three scales (O, HO, and N) were combined on 1 layout.

By Holiday '97, the "Rear Turnaround" had been disconnected and moved 30 feet. Over 300 square feet of layout was added to the display.

Picture Galleries: O Scale - HO Scale - N Scale

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